Jack Bar - Protection to Perfection

Simple yet functional, the ADR-approved Jack Rear Bar is perfect for you to take on your next road trip. It offers maximum protection with rear quarter panel protection and maximum vehicle towing capacity. Coated with a semi-gloss powder finish, the Jack Rear Bar is a high-quality and unique rear bar at an entry-level price!

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Jack Rear Bar

For Utes only
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Jack Rear Bar

For Utes only
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Jack Rear Bar

MCC 022-03

Jack rear bar will give you the maximum rear protection with the Rear Quarter Panel Protection and maximum vehicle towing capacity at entry level price. This simple rear bar yet functionals is a perfect choice to start with.

Towing Capability

Equipped with integrated tow points to facilitate towing and recovery operations when needed. Tow ball and towbar tongue are included in the kit.

All around protection

Provides comprehensive protection to the rear of your vehicle, safeguarding against potential impacts and collisions.

Protects vulnerable areas, including the rear bumper and side panels from damage during off-road adventures.


- A unique rear step tow bar
- High quality steel components
- Standard power coated black
- Rear Quarter Panel Protection
- Dual LED number plate lights
- Tied-Down points
- Dual Hi-lift jacking points
- 3-6mm High Quality Steel
- Black Powder Coated
- Zinc Phosphate Primer

* Including Fitting Kit
* Optional Non-Slip Step Plate Black/Silver

Discover Your Style

MCC4x4 understands that off-road enthusiasts have diverse tastes and preferences when it comes to enhancing the look and functionality of their 4x4 vehicles. That's why we offer a wide array of Jack Rear bars, each designed to cater to different styles and requirements. Option are:

MCC 022-03SP Jack Rear Bar with Step Plate Package*

MCC 022-03L Jack Rear Bar with Light Kit Package

MCC 022-03SPL Jack Rear Bar with Light kit and Step Plate Package*

*Available in Black Step Plate