Frequently Asked Questions

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General information

Who is MCC 4x4?

Founded in 1999, MCC came out from passion of steel craftmanship. With passion, skill, and being in the industry, the owner saw the vision and opportunity to bring his craftsmanship to the next level.
The Company has now evolved and develops accessories for most brands in the market.  
You can read more about our story here! 

What are your store opening hours?

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Technical Questions

Which MCC Bar suits my vehicle?

All our bars are made to suit most modern Ute and SUV vehicles. 
For anything that is pre 2012 model, our Falcon bar range is available for the front and rear wheel carrier and Jack Rear Bar is available for the Rear. 
Our side step is made to suit your vehicle. If you are unsure about which product to choose from please feel free to give us a ring. 03 8401 3691

How thick is the MCC Rear Bar?

MCC Bar works thickness is range from 3mm - 4mm and In the construction of the bar is range from 6-8mm.

How thick is the MCC Bull Bar?

MCC Bar works thickness is range from 3mm - 4mm and In the construction of the bar is range from 6-8mm.

What is the difference between the Falcon Bar and the Phoenix Bar?

I have a problem fitting the product, where do I go for help?

Fitting protective gear on your vehicle is not always an easy task, but don’t worry. Please take photos where you are having trouble fitting and send us an email to
One of our experience fitters will get back to you or give us a call on 03 8401 3691.

Will the Falcon Bar, Phoenix Bar, or Rocker Bar fit my vehicle?

We make Bull Bars for most pick ups and SUVs in the market. To view the differences between our bars, please click here.

MCC Bull Bars Range

Is the bar fully welded?

All MCC Bar works are fully engineered and Robotic weld and finest its quality with our experienced welder.

Will the bar take a winch?

All Our steel Bull Bars are winch compatible. Anything that has a winch bed or winch cradle. It is rated up to 13,000lbs and any bar that the winch is bolted onto the bar is rated up to 10,000lbs. All Alloy Bar is winch compatible as long as they have a winch cradle or winch bed. Those that does not have a winch bed, are not winch compatible. Eg. Holden Jackaroo, Hilux 97-04, Ford Courier, Mazda Bravo, Pajero NM NP, Pajero NS NT NX NW.

How thick is the material?

Depending on the Product. They range from 3-6mm for the structural part of the bar.

Will the bar support my communication aerial?

All Our Bar work have mounting points for Aerial, Spot lights, etc.

What are the finish options? (eg. powder coat, polish etc.)

MCC offers Black powder coat as a standard finish. Polish and other finishes are also available with pricing variants.

Are fog lights provided as standard?

Fog lights are provided as a standard for Phoenix Bar and Rocker Bar. While Falcon Bar, fog lights are optional at $200 when purchasing with the bull bar

Are recovery points included as standard?

Recovery Points are not included as a standard. They are available from $329 -$389 and they are only compatible with our Bull Bar.

Are integral bash plates included for maximum protection off-road?

The bash plate is not included. You can purchase it as an option at $699. The thickness is 3mm. steel plate with bracing and gutter. They are very strong and perfect for maximum protection while off-roading.

Does your bullbar enhance your vehicle’s looks?

MCC Bull Bars designed to complement the contour lines of the vehicle, providing stylish frontal protection, whilst improving the vehicles approach angle.

Is the approach angle maximized after fitting a bullbar?

Most of the Bull Bar should improve vehicle approach angle. Meanwhile we design our bull bar to provide a maximum approach angle of the vehicle.

How well will the bullbar protect your headlights and radiator if an animal strikes?

Depending on what type of Bull Bar you have on your vehicle, with our Full loop A Frame Bar. This type of bar will provide maximum protection for your vehicle

How much does a bullbar weigh?

The approximate weight for a Bull Bar is range from 50kg - 80kg depending on the style and material of the bar whether it is steel or alloy.

What is MCC’s bull bar strength? (eg. steel thickness, engineering, etc.)

All MCC Bull Bars are fully ADR and Airbag compliant and are carefully crafted from premium grade materials and components, to ensure class leading strength and the highest resistance to rust.

Are MCC bullbars ADR approved? (Australian Design Regulation)

Yes, all MCC Bull Bars are ADR approved.

What are MCC Rear Bar ranges?

MCC Rear Bar has 3 main styles. Rear Rocker Bar – MCC022-01 Rear Carrier Bar – MCC022-02 Rear Jack Bar – MCC022-03 Please refer to product page for additional information of each bar.

What are MCC Bull Bar ranges?

MCC Bull Bar ranges has 4 main styles. Falcon Bar – MCC707 Series Phoenix Bar – MCC808 Series Rocker Bar – MCC078 Series Pegasus Bar – MCC909 Series Each style can be customized to suit your budget. Options of No Loop, Single Loop and Triple Loops. please refer to product page for additional information.

Fitting Questions

How hard is it to fit a bar?

Depending on Individual Skill set. If you have a weekend to spare and some tools laying around the garage with some electrical knowledge. Give it a go. Otherwise, we suggest discussing with us for recommended installer.

How much would the installation cost?

The installation cost depends on the products, vehicle and additional accessories that may require. So please feel free to give us a call for more information.

What is the gap between the panels and the bar?

As a safety guideline, we allow a 10-15mm gap between the bar and the panel of the vehicle. Given the vehicle is being used in normal condition.

Can I run more than one antenna? Is there provision to do this?

Yes there are 4 antenna mounting point on Black A Frame Phoenix Bar and 2 on the Falcon Bar, Rocker Bar, and Any Triple Stainless Loop Bar.

Do our bars allow for winches?

All MCC Bull Bars are winch compatible

How far does the bar stick out?

With Bull Bar, it will add roughly 200-250mm to the vehicle, Otherwise we recommend Our All New Pegasus bar, it will replace your original bumper with an adding minimum to no length to your vehicle.

Where can I mount LED light bars and spotlight?

LED light bars and spotlight can be mounted onto the bar. The Bar comes with laser cutouts for spot light in the middle of the bar, and Black A Frame Phoenix Bar come with additional on the loop for extra light bar.

Does the bar come with modern 4WD’s additional safety features? (eg. parking sensors, cruise control, emergency braking systems, cameras and etc.)

The Bar is compatible with all the parking sensors, cruise control, cameras and Adaptive Cruise Control that comes with the vehicle, but the bar does not come with additional sensors.

Orders & Payments

What is the lead time if the product is not in stock?

Generally when the product is not in stock, a non stock item back order is estimated to be 6-12 weeks depending on shipment. But if the product is a stocked item, this is generally estimated to be 2-6 weeks.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We offer a wide range of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Electronic Fund Transfer, and cash. If we are missing out on some of your favourite payment methods, you can always give us a ring.
We accept Credit card payments over the phone Please call: 03 8401 3691, between 9 AM - 4:30 PM (Mon-Fri) / 9AM - 1 PM (Sat)
Or you can pay via Stripe when we email you the invoice.
For Electronic Fund Transfer please pay to the following account:
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063-019
ACC: 10 653 608
Use your name/invoice number as a banking reference. Email your remittance advice to:, CC :


Do you accept returns and refunds?

We strive to ensure all orders dispatched from our warehouse are in perfect condition. If for some reason there is a problem with your order, please inform us as soon as possible at
Please include your invoice number and the problem with your item. We will work with you closely to ensure we resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If there is a major problem with the product, customers may choose a refund, exchange (where available), or to keep it and we will compensate you for any drop in value.
Refund amount will be the total amount paid less all freight costs (to and from customers delivery address) or fitting cost incurred.

We do not accept the return of a product if you :
Changed your mind and no longer want the product
Ordered the wrong product <
Found the product cheaper elsewhere
Found a better product elsewhere
Were aware of the relevant fault before buying the product ( such as if the fault was indicated / informed before purchased)
Damaged the product by misusing it - ( such as driving your car in the water)
Used the product for a long time and the problem is as a result of usual wear and tear

Shipping & Delivery

What if my item is damaged in transit?

Be sure to check your deliveries upon receipt. All items damaged in transit must be reported to MCC4x4 within 48 hours from the date of receipt. Please email a photo of the damaged packaging and/or the products to or along with your invoice number. Or just simply complete the warranty claim form from the link below.

 Warranty claim form

How long until I receive my product after I ordered?

If the product you order was in stock, and invoice is paid for.

Estimated delivery:
Melbourne metro 1-2 business days, Regional 3-5 days
Sydney Metro 1-3 business days, Regional 3-5 days
Brisbane Metro 1-3 business days, Regional 3-5 days
Adelaide Metro 1-3 business days, Regional 3-5 days
Perth 5-7 business days, Regional 10-14 days
Northern Territory 10-14 business days

*Please note above time frame are estimate, as we outsource third parties for optimisation of delivery efficiency. Please give us a ring and provide your INVOICE number for further assistance!

What happens if the product is not in stock?

Generally we do have stock on most of the current model vehicles, but since we offer a wide range of products and bar work, they do run out. Out of stock items will be replenished as soon as possible. However, if you would like to order some special orders or for an older vehicle, please get in touch with us.

How can I track my order?

To track your order. Please find your tracking number on your Invoice / Sales Order (The tracking number is located at the bottom of the invoice). To check the status, please go to our website, the link of freight companies is provided there.

Where do you ship your products from?

All stocks come from our Head quarter in Melbourne Victoria.


Is the product Warranty guaranteed and how long for?

Our terms & conditions are in line with the Australian Consumer Laws - For more information about your rights under Australian Consumer Law, please visit Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

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