All-New Amarok 2023-On - 078-02SQ Rocker Bull Bar Triple Loops Package - SKU MCC-04002-7802SQ

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SKU MCC-04002-7802SQ

Gear up your Volkswagen Amarok 23-on for your next off-road adventure with the MCC 078-02 Triple Loop Rocker bar (04002-7802SQSC). This innovative design combines advanced engineering with rugged aesthetics, providing maximum protection for you and your family in any conditions.


  • The 078-02 Rocker triple loop bar ensures superior protection against wildlife encounters, safeguarding your vehicle's headlights and radiator from unexpected impacts on the trail.
  • Enhance your visibility and safety on the road with the built-in LED Fog Lights, integrated seamlessly into the Rocker Bar. Whether navigating through dense fog or dimly lit trails, this feature ensures safe travels regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.
  • Engineered to meet the specific needs of off-road enthusiasts, the Rocker Bar comes complete with 3 Under Protection Plates, Bracket Kit, and Winch Cradle, offering a comprehensive solution for both functionality and style for your Volkswagen.
  • Crafted from premium 3-5mm steel plate, the Rocker Bar is meticulously engineered to withstand the rigours of off-road exploration while maintaining its integrity and strength. This ensures long-lasting protection for your Amarok, even in the most demanding terrains.
  • Designed with a full bumper replacement style, the Rocker Bar seamlessly integrates with your Volkswagen Amarok's front end, enhancing its appearance while providing maximum protection.
  • Experience added convenience and versatility with the Rocker Bar's dual Aerial Mounts, Spotlight Mounts, and High-Lift Jacking Points, providing practical solutions for various expedition needs, whether it's communication, illumination, or recovery.
  • Rest assured with the Rocker Bar's ADR Approval, ensuring compliance with Australian Design Rules and providing peace of mind while navigating challenging terrains and adhering to legal requirements.


Outfit your Volkswagen Amarok 23-on with the 078-02 Rocker Triple loop Bull Bar for unparalleled protection and rugged style on every adventure. 


Contact your authorised dealer today for more information and professional installation services.

Amarok 2023 Rocker Bull Bar Awesome Features

- ADR Approved Design

- 3mm Steel Plate Bar Construction

- Winch Compatible upto 13,000lbs

- Dual Aerial Mounts

- Dual Spotlight Mounts (3 bolt holes)

- Dual Hi-lift Jack points

- Dual Tie Down Points

- Square Foglight

- LED Parker and Indicator

- Zinc Phosphate Primer

- Sand Black Powder Coated (Rough Finish)

* Under Protection Plates Come as Standard

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